Welcome to Whiskeys Cockapoos!

A little bit about us...

A little bit about us…
We are based in West Yorkshire and I am an in-the-home breeder of F1, F1b, F2 & F2b Cockapoo puppies as well as offering our stunning F1 boy Whiskey for stud services.

I have been studding and breeding since the year 2000. We previously bred KC reg Rotti’s but after both their sad passing to cancer we decided Cockapoo’s was the breed for us as a family with young children. I also hold a passion for Obedience training, I am a Dog Training College approved instructor known as The Puppy Master and am currently studying with British College of Canine Studies to become a fully qualified Canine Behaviourist.

I am in an in-home breeder, I do not believe in dogs living in kennels outside. Our dogs live inside our home permanently as family pets alongside our two cats and two children. My puppies are reared inside the home throughout 8 weeks of their lives with me. They are put on a major socialisation and stimulation program so they leave me hopefully bomb proof.

My 4 Cockapoos
Whiskey F1 (male) and Brandy F1b (female) are my miniature size apricot Cockapoos from working lines, 16 inch to the shoulder in height.

Truffles F1 and Jazzy F1b are my toy size Cockapoos from show spaniel lines, 13 & 14 inches to the shoulder in height.

Whiskey's wife - Truffles

Truffles is my F1 Phantom toy Cockapoo, she’s nicknamed shadow as she would literally follow you off a cliff side. No matter where you go she will follow!

She’s soft, loving and extremely loyal. Truffles is the best puppy mummy we could wish for!

Truffles has had two litters now with a fanastic mix of different colours. She has produced Phantom black & tan, parti, parti and tan, roan and tan, black & white tuxido’s, apricot and champagne puppies.

Truffles has been personally tested and is clear of the following inheritable diseases:

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM exon 2) – via Laboklin

Familial Nephropathy (FN) – via Laboklin

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) – via Optigen

Whiskey's wife number 2 - Brandy Biscuit (BB)

Whiskey’s wife number 2 – Brandy Biscuit (BB)
Our F1b miniature Cockapoo addition. She is Apricot and White in colour

Brandy is an excellent mummy, so calm and loving. Her puppies seem to be very chilled and highly trainable!

Brandy comes with full DNA clear health certificates of PRA PRCD, FN, DM & PFK

A bit about her: She is a lively, active, playful girl. High level of intelligence and wins a lot of fun dog shows! She is loyal to the bone and extremely obedient.

Brandy has been personally tested and is clear of the following inheritable diseases:

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) – via Optigen

Brandys parents were both dna tested clear for DM, FN, PFK, Vw1 and prcd-PRA

Whiskey's Wife no 3 - Jazzy

Jazzy is daughter of Truffles. She is a Parti phantom (her colours are mainly white, black and tan point (eyebrows & beard)

We kept one of Truffles puppies as we mated her to the gorgeous Toy poodle called Ty so that the puppies would be unrelated to Whiskey of course!

Jazzy is a Parti & Tan F1b Cockapoo, ready to be mated from December 2019 and become a super mum of F2b puppies.

Jazzy is a funny little princess, still 10 months old at the time of writing this so full of mischief and fun. She warms everybodies heart with her presence.

Jazzy’s full DNA health tests with Pet genetics:

Familial Nephropathy (FN) – CLEAR

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (prcd-PRA) – CLEAR

Degenerative Myelopathy (DM exon 2) – CARRIER and will be mated to a sire who is a non-carrier of DM (Whiskey)

Von Willebrand Disease vWD1 – CLEAR

Exercise Induced Collapse EIC – CLEAR

Neonatal encephalopathy with seizures NEWS – CLEAR


Osteochondrodsyplasia (OCD) – CLEAR

Gangliosidosis GM2 – Clear

Jazzy’s first litter will be planned for May 2020 – reservation list full

Lady (KC - Freyeden Opium) - Our Sable Show Cocker Spaniel

From the very well known Lynwater lines.

6 show champions in her KC.

Lady is a stunning example of a Show Cocker spaniel with the bomb proof personality to match.

She oftens acts as my stooge dog as I am also a Qualified Dog Trainer. Highly intelligent, loves her ball and toys but obedience sometimes takes a back seat as she is a head strong character haha!

You can see her in action on my new Youtube channel here

I will be fully DNA health testing her in 2020.

Lady will be ready to have a litter from September 2020 onwards. Her first litter will be F1 Cockapoos and we already have a superb matched KC reg mini poodle stud lined up