Cockapoos - What you should know before buying!

The first and most important thing you should know is that Cockapoos, regardless of being an F1, F1b, F2, F3 can ALL vary in looks / coat type.  There are so many variations of the coat, no breeder can ever guarantee that you will get a curly coated pup AND that it will stay like that. Its normally the small print on a puppy contract you get from some breeders…they should tell you upfront/before you put a deposit down on a pup!

Some pups inherit one parents gene more than the other, some pups will inherit the Spaniel gene more than the poodle so they look like a Cocker spaniel.  These pups in the Cockapoo owner world are known as ‘Silky/smoothie Poo’s’ as shown in the example photos at the bottom of the page.

It the same with the colour variations.  People can buy a black cockapoo and over a year it could turn chocolate or silver. You could buy a stunning champagne and red spotted cockapoo, it could turn fully Apricot or fade completely away into just champagne.  Some breeders charge the earth for different colours however nobody can guarantee these beautiful colours will stay throughout their lives. 

Cockapoos are active dogs, they enjoy walks and do well in training and agility classes.  They are highly intelligent dogs who require mental stimulation as well as long walks and the freedom of a park to run around in.  They enjoy balls being thrown for them, cuddly toys to carry around in their mouths and games.   Cockapoos love to swim in rivers and the sea.  They are also natural hunters so enjoy chasing birds, squirrels and wildlife – you have been warned, excellent recall is required!  Cockapoos are problem solvers, never under estimate their intelligence.  Although they are naturally active dogs, they also know how to chill down and cuddle up on your lap for hours on end. 

This is the beauty of the Cockapoo, they can change all the time throughout their lives.  For some fab information on the breed and real life experiences of the Cockapoo please join us on the Cockapoo & Doodle Puppy Club.

Cockapoos are NOT suited for families/couples who work full time and want to leave their puppy for long periods of time alone.  Cockapoos are known for being a very socialable dog whom wants nothing more than the company of their owners or another dog.  Cockapoos are brilliant together in pairs, that being said you should always leave a 9 month + gap in age before you attempt to introduce another puppy in your home. 

Train one first before you get another!  It is not recommended to buy two puppies from the same litter. 


Breed Specific Information

Join us on the Cockapoo & Doodle Puppy Club for real owner experiences

Home Breeder Information

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This is a beautiful F2 Silky coat Cockapoo, she currently takes on her Cocker Spaniel grand parents genes. She is only 5 months in this photo however so could still completely change in looks and coat colour.

This is an example of an F2 Silky Poo and how much she differs from a pup in the same litter! *Taken from the British Cockapoo Society page*

An F1 Silky Poo *Taken from the British Cockapoo Society page*

This is our Monty, it wasn’t noticeable until he was around 5 weeks old that he would take on the appearance of a Spaniel more than the stereo typical usual Cockapoo look