Licenced Breeder number – LN/000000948 – Wakefield City Council

I am classed as a ‘home’ breeder.   

This means we raise our pups inside our homes, in a family environment, with lots of socialisation and get them used to lots of normal household activities.  I follow the Puppy Plan methodology which has been developed to try and prevent behavioural problems, owners giving up on their dogs, and reduce the thousands of dogs who are handed over to rescue organisations, returned to breeders, or are euthanised for preventable behaviour problems.

We DO NOT have cages/kennels outside, our dogs live inside the home at pets, they all have DNA health clear certificates and every care in the world has been given into raising them inside a family environment.  I am fortunate to own an enclosed 5 acre field so that I am able to privately excercise my pups & dogs without the fear of disease or other related animal infections.

I charge ONE price for all variations of colour puppy and regardless of them being male and female.

I also do not keep my prices secret, they will be published on my web page and my facebook page.

I DO NOT support raising of pups in cages/pens outside and believe home raising is the best methodology on creating the perfect canine companion.

My facebook page is open for all members of the public to have an insight into how we we raise our pups to hopefully give you a bit of an insight on what to expect from a good breeder.

I am also able to help you find a good home raised pup through not only other breeders which use as a stud but also on a home breeder facebook group which I am a member of.

I am NOT associated with Cockapoo Club of GB mainly due to the fact that a lot of their ‘registered/approved breeders’ retire and rehome their girls when they are no longer good for breeding from. This is a horrendous practice usually found within some council registered breeders and breeders with a huge amount of breeding dogs (commercial breeders). I will not be part of this circle as its totally against my beliefs, a dog is for life and not just for breeding. I also do not endorse cage breeding outside as your dogs should live inside with you as a companion at all times, not in a glorified zoo. 

I hope this helps you all in your search for a puppy / or stud as this is what you should see when visiting a breeder.  If I do not have any puppies due myself, Whiskey always has a litter available that he has sired with other females.  These are advertised on Whiskeys Sired Litters page.

My pups come with:

  • A daily facebook blog of video’s and photos of them throughout their 8 week journey with me from birth
  • Trained in basic obedience cues like sit, down, reflex to name, recall and hopefully toilet outside! (season permitting)
  • Fully weaned on to RAW food – Nutriment or Natures Instinct (Barf diet)
  • A full vet health check & certificate of health
  • Fully wormed using Drontal solution
  • Micro-chipped via a vet
  • Puppy goody pack incl treats 
  • Advice sheet & contract
  • Scented toy (I also ask you to provide your own item of clothing that you have slept in)
  • 4 weeks free insurance with Buddies Insurance or Petplan
  •  Certificate of birth – 3 generation history
  • A copy of both parents PRA prcd clear certificates 
  • A copy of both parents FN clear certificates
  • A copy of both parents DM clear result certificates
  • A copy of Whiskeys vWD1 dna clear certificate (if Whiskey is sire)
  • A copy of Whiskeys NEWS dna clear certificate (if Whiskey is sire)
  • A copy of the grandparents KC registration certificates

You also can be safe in the knowledge that they come with a life time of support from us should you ever have any questions.