My Puppy Gallery

Here are some of my puppy owners children with their fur babies.

Truffles and Merlin Litter - 2019

Brandy and Whiskey's 'Brexit' Litter 2019. The litter that shouldn't have happened.... and we had 10!

Two smoothie poos in this litter - Biscuit and Jaffa. Here they are from birth to 8 weeks old.

Truffles and Ty F1b Puppies 2018

Brandys Litter from birth onwards.  Clover’s owner now does monthly update collages to continue what I started which is wonderful of her!

This litter had 4 smoothie poos!  Smoothie poos look this way due to the throw back grandad effect, the lack of the facial furnishings which is genetic.  The great thing about these guys is that you get a low maintainence coated Cockapoo as they do not have the tight curls and matting that can occur.  I get many requests for smoothie poos but they cannot be predicted unfortunately!

Whiskey and Truffles F2 litter 2017