Whiskey and Nelson's PUPDATE PAGE!

If you are looking for a puppy, please be aware that during lockdown their a lot of bad breeders and puppy farmers waiting for your call!  Please watch this video first… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4sLSbWz4G2I&t=304s 

DO NOT PAY £2k for a Cockapoo, there are some greedy breeders out there on pets4homes and over charging due to high demand for puppies.

All breeders listed on my website are recommended by me and are in-home breeders that of course get the best mentorship! Due to the amount of unscrupulous scams going on with puppies, anybody wishing to have a puppy from any of the breeders shown on my page, will be required to show two peices of ID and sign a NO- RESALE contract.  

Whiskey and Missy - NEW!

Owner: Beth


Location:  Halifax

Due: 30th July 2020

This is Missy’s first litter.  Missy is a sweet, loving character who loves cuddles and has the kindest nature.  She makes Beth’s house a home!  I myself witnessed her lovely personality at her first mating.

Whiskey and Poppy - LIST FULL

Owner:  Rachel



Location: Liverpool

Colours expected: All apricot

Due: 19th July 2020

This will be Poppy’s first litter.  She is a happy, playful, affectionate dog who is full of character.  Loves everyone!

Whiskey and Willow - LIST FULL

Owner: Jane

Mobile: Will update when scanned


Location: East Yorkshire

Due: Aprox 10th July 2020

Colours Expected: Apricot/red, Phantom, Black – mix

F2b Cockapoos

This will be Willow’s first litter. She is tested PRA Clear.

She is the most adorable, loving companion dog, extremely playful too!

Whiskey and Daisy - LIST FULL

Owner: Mark & Rosina



Location:  London SW18

Colours expected: Black & Apricot

Due 18th May

9 Puppies born 15th May!

This is Daisy’s 2nd litter and shes a pro mummy!

Whiskey and Pippa - LIST FULL

Owner: Ali

Mobile:  Will update when scanned


Location: Near Wigan

Due:  June 2020

Pippa is a stunning working therapy dog, superb personality and gentle nature.

Whiskey and Ronnie - LIST FULL

Owner: Laura


Laura is looking for new owners for her puppies, in the local area only so that she may stay in touch!

Location: Hemsworth, near Pontefract West Yorkshire

Due: 24th June 2020

Colours expected: All apricot

This is her second litter but her first with Whiskey.  A lovely placid little girl.  She is a small 14 inch Cockapoo in size so puppy sizes will vary in between 14 – 16 inches in height.